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How to plan and record online courses like a pro

When done with course planning, many experts stop and think how to record online courses and sometimes have absolutely...

Apr 30 · 6 min read >

How to create an effective online course sales funnel

A course sales funnel is typically a journey or a set of hoops that a customer goes through for...

Apr 27 · 3 min read >

10 useful tips to make recorded lectures more engaging

Let’s start by establishing how important it is to make recorded lectures more engaging. In a research done from...

Apr 20 · 3 min read >

Here’s how to pre-sell online courses successfully

Several course creators on Airschool and on other platforms pre-sell online courses. Pre-selling is a great strategy you can...

Apr 16 · 3 min read >

Live Classes vs Recorded Classes: The Better Option?

It is time to settle the never-ending debate of “live classes vs recorded classes” once and for all. Some...

Apr 14 · 3 min read >

How to achieve LinkedIn thought leader status for course sales

In the past few years, LinkedIn thought leaders have emerged as celebrities of the business & tech world. But...

Apr 5 · 3 min read >

How To Improve Your Confidence To Record Course Videos

Does the fear of slipping your tongue or saying something inappropriate haunt you as you record course videos? If...

Apr 2 · 3 min read >

How to determine the right pricing for your online course

You have created a kick-ass course curriculum and now you are thinking about how to price your course. If...

Mar 19 · 3 min read >

5 Methods of Online Teaching to Get the Best Out of Students

There is no doubt that the sudden shift to online teaching has been extremely difficult. The pandemic has not...

Mar 5 · 2 min read >