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I read for pleasure and I write for a living. The day these two intersect, will either bring world peace or doomsday. Stay tuned to find out.


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Should You Start an E-Commerce Business in 2021?

If there’s one thing that surged in the past year, it’s the e-commerce business. Global e-commerce sales topped $4...

Jan 26 · 2 min read >

What is Paid Search & Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing?

Pay per click might still seem like a foreign concept to some people. It’s understandable. People often forget how...

Jan 22 · 2 min read >

How To Leave Your Job For Full Time Freelancing

There are many reasons as to why more and more people are preferring full time freelancing above traditional full...

Jan 20 · 2 min read >

Learning Data Analytics Skills Can Lead to These 8 High-Paying Jobs

Data is everything in today’s world but without data analytics skills to study it, data is nothing. It drives...

Jan 13 · 3 min read >

Top 10 Freelancing Skills: Become Your Own Boss in 2021

The demand for freelancing skills and work has been an upward trend for the past decade. So much so...

Jan 8 · 2 min read >