5 Reasons Why Freelance Beginners Should Use Fiverr

Have you heard stories of how some Fiverr beginners started small and are now earning 6 figures? That’s a reality. In the...

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Have you heard stories of how some Fiverr beginners started small and are now earning 6 figures? That’s a reality. In the past few years, individuals globally have started opting for flexible work opportunities. This is mostly due to freelancing platforms, which have created a wonderful opportunity to buy and sell services.

Sellers on freelance platforms are often from developing countries, selling their labor to businesses in Western countries. Despite it being “cheap” for the Western lot, most sellers make more than they do in their local countries. Which makes it a win-win for both sides. But out of all these top platforms, the easiest to start with is Fiverr. Many Fiverr beginners over the internet personally recommend the platform if you’re new in the game.

Which is why we’ve put together five reasons why starting beginners should only use Fiverr.

1. The website is user-friendly and organized πŸ’»

Upon accessing the platform, you will not experience a complicated interface. Everything is where it’s supposed to be and super organized. So it won’t be long before you know what to find where. There is only an added addition of Fiverr support being around to answer questions and a forum to post any questions or ponderings you have.

fiverr beginners

2. Fiverr beginners experience a variety of projects πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

When you’re starting out on Fiverr you will notice that every gig provides you a new opportunity to learn and experience. Since most gigs are specific and come from buyers belonging to various fields, chances are you will research on industries you may never have known much about before. This will help you enjoy freelancing as a whole and avoid boredom by doing the same things over and over again.

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3. Low barriers to entry πŸ‘

Fiverr is also wonderful for beginners because it doesn’t ask for much. You just have to register with a few basic details and voila, you have a Fiverr profile. All sellers need to know is what skills they want to sell. There is no subscription fees, and it’s free and easy to create gigs you can sell.

4. New sellers aren’t penalized because of a lack of experience πŸ₯³

While other platforms like Upwork are strict about such measures, Fiverr beginners don’t suffer from the disadvantage of being new. This gives them a relatively equal chance of competing and succeeding with other sellers. This means, even if you have a limited number of reviews, you are still favored and promoted in different areas of the website.


5. Growing demand for sellers πŸ’±

Small businesses are always going to keep starting out and with that the demand for short-term work. Since small businesses usually can’t splurge, they look for freelancers to kickstart operations and minimize overheads. A variety of Fiverr beginners are hired everyday for different skills like logo work, social media designs and videos. Even web developers, social media managers and virtual assistants make it to the list.


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These five reasons can make all the difference when you’re starting out as a freelancer. Although success doesn’t come easy and can’t be guaranteed, if you’re a Fiverr beginner, it won’t be too much out of your reach.

Written by Sinwan Zahid
Sinwan is managing content and socials at Airschool. She has a built-in viral content ticker in her head so naturally she lives for all things content and storytelling. Profile

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