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  • Starting on: 29 May 2021
    Enrollment deadline
    29 May 2021

    8 classes Language : English
    4:00 am New_York Time Duration 1 hours 30 minutes
    50 Slots Left


Meet your instructor

Ali Murtaza

I am a designer and educator specialising in service and interaction design. I'm a Fulbright alumnus, and hold an MFA in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). As a design consultant, I have worked with clients like Dolby Labs, Grid Impact, Coke USA, Working Class Studio, and Innovations for Poverty Alleviation Lab. I have taught at design and engineering schools since 2015, while being deeply involved in Pakistan’s burgeoning maker scene, as the program manager of Makeistan, Pakistan’s first academic makerspace. I have previously led the design teams at Ricult Inc. and Xavor Corporation. I currently lead the Service Design practice at IDEATE Innovation, where we follow a human-centered design approach to research and develop interventions in fields like healthcare, agriculture and financial inclusion. I'm also an adjunct faculty member at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. You can see some of my work at www.alimurtaza.net

Course Curriculum

1. Lucy of Ethiopia to the Gunpowder of China 2. Heidegger’s Hammer and McLuhan’s Extensions of Man 3. Qualia, Meaning and Consequences

1. Sticks, Rods and Astrolabes 2. Punched Cards and Dreams of Automation 3. Circuits, Transistors and Dogecoin

1. The World is F*cked; and We Designed it that Way 2. In Praise of Thinking Inside the Box 3. The Internet and our Collective Depressed Brain

1. The Design-Saviour Complex 2. TikTok, Friend Requests and Porn 3. Let’s Not Save The Next Billion

1. Spying on Ourselves 2. Information Systems and Sonic Spaces 3. Conversational Interfaces

1. Infinite Memory and Winning a War 2. The Art of Speaking Machine 3. Conscious Machines and Robots with Rights

1. The Secret Lives of Electronic Objects 2. Critical, Speculative, and Alternate Realities 3. The Promise and Perils of Digital Immortality

Come out of this class as a

  • More thoughtful designer
  • More ethically aware designer

Salient Features

This is not an ordinary course but a masterclass specially designed to help you become successful in the market. Some of the perks include:

Live Classes

All the classes will be conducted live giving you the opportunity to engage with the instructor and fellow course takers.

Replay Available

If for some reason, you missed a lecture, videos will be provided for you to stay up to speed with the class.

Guest Lectures

Meet Successful people who started their journey from content creation. Seek inspiration and learn from their experiences.

Practical Exercises

Clearly designed assignments and goals to build your foundations throughout the class

Networking Opportunities

A Dedicated Slack community to connect with your classmates and instructor

Useful Resources

Get inspiration from the work of your fellows. Find your own tribe of supporters!


The class will have batches in Local language.


Certification will be provided to participants.

Fee Structure

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  • Starting on: 29 May 2021
    Enrollment deadline
    29 May 2021

    8 classes Language : English
    4:00 am New_York Time Duration 1 hours 30 minutes
    50 Slots Left


One time fee for the whole master class


The live classes for the courses will be conducted on our platform, Airschool, and zoom. Once you enrol, you will get the joining details. Slack channels will be available for after-class conversations and discussion.

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We love improvement and we love when it’s based on our users’ feedback. We expect you to record your constructive comments in our feedback form and these will be used to improve the course for the next batches.

Yes, certificates will be provided.