Muazma Zahid

Sr. Data Engineer @ Microsoft | PWiC President

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Do’s and Don’ts of Technical Interviews

by Muazma Zahid
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Interviewing can be very stressful. This session will cover a simple guide for top things to do and things to avoid in an interview. Also, share the online resources to prepare for a technical interview. What will be covered? 1. General guidelines of Interviews. 2. Interview process for Tech companies. 3. Online resources and practice materials. 4. Books and materials for interview prep for Software Engineering and Data Science disciplines. 5. Non-technical aspects of interviews and how to prepare for them. Who should attend? Applies to entry-level to mid-career level audience. Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers Why should you listen to me? I am Lead Data Engineer at Microsoft Azure and I have been in the tech industry for over thirteen years working at big tech companies in Pakistan and US. I am passionate about Data, AI and Cloud Computing.  I have taken many interviews and shared feedback as an interviewer and I want to share my Industry knowledge. Learn more about me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/muazmazahid/
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