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Fiverr is one of the most coveted and diverse Freelance Marketplace, its amicable interface and moderate policies make it extremely popular and well endorsed amongst Beginners. In this course, students will learn all traded secrets along with the most successful strategies devised by the practical experiences of the trainer. From creating your account to ranking your gig on the first page this course will cover every minor detail after which the students will be able to kick start a successful freelancing career.


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Getting Started On Fiverr

  • Introduction To Fiverr 3min 9sec
  • Getting Started On Fiverr 3min 31sec

By Sohail Tariq

  • How to make seller profile 2min 53sec
  • How to get levels on Fiverr 5min 1sec
  • How to create gig on Fiverr 7min 44sec

By Sohail Tariq

  • Fiverr App 4min 56sec
  • How to check your earnings on Fiverr 3min 30sec

By Sohail Tariq

  • What to do if gig stops selling 2min 2sec

By Sohail Tariq

  • Secret Trick 4min 2sec

By Sohail Tariq

  • Ranking A Fiverr Gig 1min 43sec

By Sohail Tariq

  • Importance Of Time 1min 17sec
  • Means Of Communication For Americans 2min 0sec
  • Need Of Cloud Payment Portal 2min 58sec
  • Email Handling Skills 2min 11sec

By Hafiz Ahmed

  • Fiverr Tips and Tricks by Hafiz Ahmed 9min 14sec
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Sohail Tariq

Successful Freelancer Since 2017

Our goal is to find billionaires by simply teaching our youth billion dollars skills.

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