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If you want to know how to tell an effective, compelling story through video this class is for you. Going further (...if that does sound like you) you’re likely an avid video consumer - online videos, features, tv shows, shorts - and nothing is more exciting to you than a well executed story. Us humans have told and valued good stories since the beginning of time and since the birth of video, it has been one of the most impactful ways to tell one. This class shows you how to do just that. Key lessons include: - Knowing your audience. - The 7 types of stories we tell. - Finding YOUR story. - Crafting your story - Research & Writing! - Translating your story to video. - Building your War Chest - Picking the Right Video Mediums. - The Gear you Need - from your smartphone to more. - How to arrange & edit a gripping story - what goes where!


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Filmmaking For All: Tell Your Story Through Video

  • Introduction 1min 33sec
  • The Class Project 2min 25sec
  • The 7 Story Archetypes 2min 30sec
  • Who Cares? 2min 50sec
  • Crafting Your Story 2min 0sec
  • Translating Your Story to Video 2min 23sec
  • Gearing Up 1min 22sec
  • Production 3min 21sec
  • Editing 3min 49sec
  • Conclusion 1min 34sec
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Dan Mace

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Our goal is to find billionaires by simply teaching our youth billion dollars skills.

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  • You’ll walk away from this class with a clear vision for your own videos using the method I've developed over the last decade of practice to great success.
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15+ enrolled on this course