Ali Yousuf

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My journey of building and scaling a 3D printing startup in Pakistan

by Ali Yousuf
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✨✨ I am a startup founder from Karachi. I build and sell 3D printers in Pakistan. ✨✨ In this session, I will be sharing my journey of building a Hardware Startup in Pakistan from an idea to finding initial customers, manufacturing a consumer-grade product, and offering it to the masses. The session will cover 1. Can Pakistan produce international level hardware products? 2. From LEGOs to 3D Printers, how I developed a prototype in Lyari. 3. Bootstrapping and testing our initial product and services 4. My constant interviews of customers and staying close to them to learn 5. How I closed the right investors? 6. How I scaled and sold my 3D printers across Pakistan 7. Opportunities for hardware/product enthusiasts ✨ I am a startup founder, hardware, and design enthusiast. My journey started with Plan9 in Lahore 5 years ago and later I moved back to Karachi to continue to build and ship products. Today our products are used by creatives, artists, bakers, educational institutes and manufacturers across the country. ✨ During COVID-19, we have 3D printed PPEs for the front line Doctors and donated almost 3000 up till now. I look forward to sharing my journey and taking your questions.
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